Mission Statment

Our mission is to spread awareness about the reality of living with food allergies. We want to:

  • Help those newly diagnosed to make the adjustment
  • Help those stuck in a rut after many years of treatment
  • Educate friends and family so our community can grow
  • Stop the unintentional exclusion of allergy suffers


We value independence, ingenuity, and individuality.

Independence – When you have food allergies, you live in a world where you can only depend on yourself and very close family and friends to feed you. Therefore, it is important that we develop a positive sense of independence. We need to avoid the victim mentality at all costs and love ourselves with all our challenges.

Ingenuity – We need to be creative in how we approach many aspects of our lives. We learn to tweak our food and adjust our dining habits. Our social lives will change. To live well with allergies, we must creatively think about what we do in these areas of our lives. Family members and schools especially need our creative thinking to help them accommodate us willingly.

Individuality – Finally, nothing has taught us about individuality in the way that food allergies have. Each allergy sufferer has their own set of allergies sometimes with additional digestive and dietary problems. We all have very specific individual needs, especially when it comes to food.

Our Story

Hi! I’m Krista Stufflebeam, creator of Our Food Allergy Life. The inspiration for this blog came after being thrown into the food allergy world when my husband was diagnosed with eosinophilic esophagitis (EOE) and then diagnosed with peanut and egg allergies shortly after that.

The allergy diagnosis was part of treating his EOE. However, it is also aggravated by tree nuts, peppers, milk, and some grains (usually whole), though those are not official allergies. We deal with food intolerances as well. I’ll explain the difference between allergies and intolerances in a future post. Our intolerances are bananas, mangos, and too much milk.

In addition, I bring a certain level of crazy to the table with low blood sugar and gallbladder problems. To counter these, I eat protein at every meal and pair that with lots of fruits and vegetables. Our children take after me also in their need for lots of protein. Sometimes the protein that makes me feel the best is an absolute no for my husband, so we have to balance that in our lives.

Thankfully for our situation, I love experimenting with food. We have never had any truly scary moments involving food that I made. However, I know plenty of people who can’t cook, let alone experiment with ingredients. I hope to teach people how to cook if they need to learn and help people embrace their individual needs.