JUST Mayo caused a bit of a stir these last couple of months in the food allergy world. There were many posts in my allergy Facebook groups asking where the closest store to find it was. Then over time, the posts changed to asking what happened to them. I noticed months ago that my favorite grocery stores were not restocking my favorite JUST products, but I didn’t think Walmart would run out. Reality hit when we finished off our last jar of mayo with none available in any of our local grocery stores.

So, I sent JUST an email, asking where they’d gone.

Their Response

“Sorry you’re not finding JUST Mayo on-shelf at your favorite stores right now. We’ve experienced increased demand and are currently working on ramping up production and fulfilling all of the requests for JUST products. We expect to be back in stock completely over the coming weeks. Thanks so much for your patience and support.”

I can’t tell whether or not that’s a good thing. On the one hand, JUST has a product that people want. It’s so nice as a food allergy person to find something popular enough to be in regular, non-health food stores. On the other hand, if they can’t keep up with demand now, will they ever be able to keep up? And on a third hand, 😉 will they be able to bounce back with the same popularity that they had right before they ran out?

We love their stuff, but we can’t go without mayo for too long. After my husband was diagnosed with his egg allergy, we cut out eating eggs. It was difficult, but we succeeded. Then one day, as he was eating a burger, it dawned on us that mayo has eggs in it. We use mayo in a lot of our cooking.

We first tried JUST mayo because my husband’s boss suggested it. It was one of the best tips we’ve ever received for allergy help. JUST is made with out eggs and tastes just like mayo, with a similar texture. It’s the first mayo we suggest in allergy groups when somebody asks for alternatives to standard mayo. The taste and texture are good, and it’s easy to find on a shelf, with a logo that stands out compared to other condiments. My biggest hope is that this misstep on their part isn’t the death of their company.

Lessons Learned

The first lesson I learned is that I need to store this stuff in my food storage. My church is always saying to have extra stored in case of an emergency. It never occurred to me that the emergency would not be something close to home. I always thought it’d be a natural disaster or something to do with our ability to make money. When you rely on a product made by someone else, and they can’t deliver, it becomes an emergency, or at the very least a major inconvenience.

The second lesson I learned is that I should have tried different vegan mayo by now. Vegan mayo always had a stigma for us, since we are not even close to vegan. But, trying JUST broke down that stigma and all I wish now is that I’d branched out sooner.

We’ve found another vegan mayo to use in the meantime. It’s even soy-free, which is a perk for us. Soy isn’t life-threatening for us, but we prefer to avoid it because of all the GMOs and pesticides associated with it. However, it’s about twice the price and isn’t shelf stable. If they run out, I don’t know what we’ll do because I can’t store it.

3 thoughts on “Lessons Learned from the JUST Mayo Shortage”

  1. I have felt itchy ears for several months. I wonder if I’m allergic to something. Thanks for the info.

    1. It’s very possible. I’ve gotten itchy ears from seasonal allergies and yeast infections. So, who knows?

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